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Feeling a pinch at the pump these days? How could you not?!?!

The price of gasoline in the state of Washington has reached its highest point in the last seven years. According to a report by KOMO in Seattle, the American Automobile Association's (AAA) data collected from across the state shows an average of $3.87 per gallon for regular gasoline.

What can a working stiff do to combat the skyrocketing bill we get when filling up with gas?

There are few things:

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1.) Drive around and look at every filling station and mini-mart marquee and compare prices until you find the lowest.
2.) Check with GasBuddy.com and price shop that way (cheapest in the city of Yakima as of this writing is $3.39/gal.)
3.) Drive to the Lower Valley (Wapato, Toppenish, White Swan) and fill-up on the reservation that does not collect the same amount of gas taxes.


Down load the free GetUpside app in Google Play or the App Store.
Use promo code KATS and save $.50 cents per gallon on your first fill-up. That's $10.00 dollars back in a 20-gallon tank!

As a person that is not terribly tech savvy, I found it extremely easy to use with very little information needed to provide to get up and running. As I mentioned, I am a paid endorser for GetUpside but, even if I were not, I would still take advantage of what they have to offer.
Reasons being that they use your location on your phone/mobile device and show you the participating stations nearby and the savings being offered at each individual location.
Secondly, the cash back is just that -- REAL money, not points or rewards. You can get your refund whenever you want and they can deposit it straight into your bank or PayPal account or you can get it in the form of a gift card from the likes of Amazon, Starbucks or any one of many other popular businesses.

Check it out for yourself and I truly hope it can make that next trip to the pump a bit less painful!

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