I decided to check out what the latest crazy was with the new Apple Watch. I went to the only store within two hours of us that sells them and checked it out. I was going to put one on but the thing was worth $12,000. Are you kidding me? It probably would not have worked for me anyway, because I have a sleeve tattoo.According to CNN Money the heart-rate censor on the Apple Watch has a hard time reading because of your tattoo. So $1,000 to $12,000 for a watch and it can't get passed the tattoo I paid less money to get? I get that the watch is there to help you keep your face out of your phone so much, but I would rather have my tattoo!

The issue stems from the way that the Apple Watch senses your heartbeat. According to Apple, the back of the Watch rapidly flashes green and infrared light at your skin, which gets absorbed or reflected by your red blood. When your heart beats, there is more blood in your wrist, and there is less blood between beats. By sensing the timing between your heartbeats, the Apple Watch can calculate your heart rate. From CNN Money

Check out more of the story here at CNN Money and for Father's Day, I think dear old Dad would rather have a tattoo! HA!

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