You might just think snow falls from the sky! It doesn't! Well it does, but not always where we need it. Places like White Pass Ski Area may get snow fall, but not where the skiers need it. You know, like in certain places to... you know... ski! Well we got notice from listener Cory Parsons about an online photo contest that our very own White Pass is currently in second place!

NOTE: This contest is not sponsored or endorsed in anyway by Townsquare Media or any of its affiliates, but we do love our White Pass Ski Area, and it would be awesome to see it claim the top spot in the contest put on by SMI Snow Makers.

The picture of White Pass was taken by Justin Tornow and features a beautiful starry sky and amazing moon light. This is an annual contest held by SMI Snow Makers and this year's winner will receive some custom SMI swag worth $1,000. In addition, all top 5 contests will win a premium box of SMI swag. Check it out and give a LIKE to show it some love and cast it as your favorite!

Besides the photo contest, the White Pass Ski Area appears to be in good shape for the season! The General Manager, Kevin McCarthy, says the beginning of the season (late November) was quite the adjustment with the COVID-19 restrictions in place at ski areas all over the northwest. For more info on that story, click here.

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