One of my kids had a hankerin' to go to a certain place in town. It's a place we hadn't been to since before the pandemic so figured it was high time we went as it's a place I enjoy, myself. As I was taking my son around to make his selection he noticed a very familiar item. I decided to try one myself and I'm here to say they were better than the place that's known for them.

The place is Asian Bistro at Rainier Square.

It's a Chinese buffet where you pay a set price for all-you-can-eat with a nice selection. You can also buy your meal by the pound if that's easier as a to-go meal. Sometimes I'll do this to get a few to-go containers and all share at home.

Of all the items to choose from, naturally, he went straight for the chicken nuggets. If you have a picky eater who loves chicken nuggets this place could be a great alternative option for eating out someday.

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