Sonshine Childcare Center is a non-profit that's looking to open at toddler room for children from 12 months to two and a half years of age. They have most of the equipment they need, but could sure use your help with donations of gently used (or new) toys and items for these kids. Here's how you can help donate.

Toys and learning tools would be greatly appreciated. I asked for a list and here's what they they'd love to have.

Stuffed Animals
Play Furniture
Doll House
Puzzles (especially the ones with the knobs)
Building Blocks
Any push/pull toys
Dress Up clothes
Soft Toys
Any fine-motor items where children can grab, turn, shake, ect.
Musical toys
An adult-sized rocking chair or glider.

and anything else, really. They're also inviting everyone to their open house on April 8th.

Sonshine Childcare Center is located at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church on 78th and Tieton in Yakima. If you need more info or have questions, you can contact Sarah at 509-966-2190