It's called the Holiday Lights Extravaganza and it's back this year at the Yakima Valley Museum.

The event starts early next month

It's a great time to enjoy the season and give back to charities in the community. The festive time at the local museum happens December 7 through December 18. More than 20 local charities are involved in decorating the museum with festive holiday lights and Christmas trees. In fact museum officials say you can see more than 20 trees and other holiday displays each the result of a local charities work.

Charities hope for your support in the form of script tickets

Each charity will be hoping for your support. You'll be able to show support through the use of scrip tickets. Each adult and senior will receive $5 back in the form of five $1 scrip tickets to award to their favorite tree or their favorite charity.The charities will redeem these tickets for cash.
Admission to the museum during the Extravaganza is $12 for Adults; $10 for Seniors; $5 for Children. Member pricing is $5 for adults and seniors.

The museum will have extended hours next month

A press release from the museum says;
"The museum will have extended hours during the event-from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM-so you can celebrate this festival of lights with family and friends. It is a bright way to start your holiday season! (Please note that the museum is not open on Sundays or Mondays) More information about our event online at For more information, contact Susan Duffinat info@yvmuseum.orgor 509.248.0747."

Yakima Valley Museum is located at 2105 Tieton Drive

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