Love or hate it, it is done. Sony was hacked. The U.S. and smart people are saying it's North Korea's doing. "The Interview" with Seth Rogan has been yanked. Some say by Sony doing that, the terrorists have won! A lot of people have weighed in on it, and I was surprised that someone during Laugh Lounge Comedy Open Mic night asked me my opinion.

Now first off, my opinion is my own, and I'm not popular enough for any type of retaliation. That being said, at first I was enjoying reading the daily trash-talking from the Sony higher-ups. Reading how Angelina Jolie is a spoiled brat made me smile. And when I read how Sony and Disney/Marvel were talking about possibly giving the rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel so he can join in the Avengers at some point, well that made my whole freakin' month.

I think I really lost sympathy for Sony when they threatened to sue major media outlets for publishing the hacked emails. I then lost respect for Sony when they decided to cancel the release of "The Interview." I think I found respect for Kim Jong-il for not turning into a whiney lil' pansy when "Team America" was released.

Needless to say, I think in my continued pondering, I have finially made a decision ... when I decide to buy a new Video Game Consol, it'll be Xbox One, Master Chief would never bow down like a bitch!

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