Is Sony Casting for 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' Right Now?
Even before Sony was hacked and we got a look at their e-mails regarding Spider-Man, we knew that the company was scrambling to figure out what to do with the web-slinging hero. After talks with Marvel for a potential crossover with the character fizzled, it seemed as though Sony was focusing their …
Full List of Theaters Showing 'The Interview' on Christmas
Earlier today it was announced that Sony will release ‘The Interview’ in select theaters and on VOD this Christmas Day after all. Following the massive hacker attack on the company and subsequent terrorist threats from the group known as Guardians of Peace, Sony had no choice but to ca…
Timmy's take on the Sony hack
Love or hate it, it is done. Sony was hacked. The U.S. and smart people are saying it's North Korea's doing. "The Interview" with Seth Rogan has been yanked. Some say by Sony doing that, the terrorists have won!
Sony Officially Cancels Release of 'The Interview'
Following today’s release of a message sent from the mysterious group responsible for the massive Sony hack, the company has now informed theater owners that they can opt out of screening ‘The Interview’ if they are concerned about the terrorist threat. Although the Department o…

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