Every great town has a local food creation you can't find anywhere else and Yakima is no different.

The only problem is, I find myself trying not to feel nauseous everytime I see them.

Which sucks when the love for them here is real and your friends love eating them.

Local eateries and bakeries cater to this fetish crowd.

But, let's be honest. Cheese Zombies are basically cheap ass cafeteria food. A greasy, buttery overload only made worse by enormous amounts of bread that swells in your gut like an inflating balloon. It's a half-assed grilled cheese sandwich. Well, to anyone that didn't grow up eating them I suppose I should say.

The basis for all great grilled cheese sandwiches is Texas toast in every other neck of the woods.

Still, I am willing to admit it is an iconic dish that locals love. Much like a sandwich from Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh. You either love them or open them up and dissect them in disgust.

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