With all the craziness happening through out the world, most people are social distancing & quarantining themselves inside. For many, they would just fall back and enjoy Sports! But thanks to Coronavirus, we don't even get that luxury right now. Heck, it was just announced that the 2020 Olympics is going to be postponed. What are we to do? Well, I found a new "sport", and I'm proud to share it with the rest of you. If nothing else, it'll help kill time while you're waiting for the big ball sports to come back! Jelle's Marble Runs! They even have The Marble Olympics!

Jelle's Marble Runs aka the Marble League was created Jelle & Dion Bakker in 2013 and treats marbles like actual athletes & spoofs the Olympic Games, Formula One, and other sporting events, complete with commentary. The obstacles for the mini glass balls are created with everything from LEGOs & paperclips to Hot Wheels tracks & dirt. It is addictive, and thankfully, their YouTube page released new videos every week! Check out the over 2 hour long 2019 Marble Olympic competitions below. Yes, over 2 hours. Don't worry, at first you'll be thinking to yourself, "Why am I wasting time?" Eventually you'll be screaming "GO SWIRLY BLUE GO SWIRLY BLUE GO SWIRLY BLUE!"

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