As many of you, I'm suffering from SWS, (Sports Withdrawal Syndrome). Which is even weirder because, I'm not a sports guy. Sure if a game is on, I'll watch, and root for the home team (usually Seattle). But lately, even I'm like wow, where is the modern day gladiators? Where's our weekly Olympics? Well thanks to what's happening world wide, sports has taken a huge hit, heck even the new XFL had to file for bankruptcy.

A few years ago I stumbled on an athlete that by far, is the one the hardest hitting young men in the world today. He's a multi-sport athlete, and he dives head first into everything he does! Let your SWS be resolved by the man, the myth, the legend... Scott Sterling!

If you enjoyed that & got a good laugh, definitely check out Studio C & Scott's adventures in Volleyball!

Don't worry, your SWS will be over soon. We're all in this together.

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