Sports Camps for Kids Available At Yakima Parks
City of Yakima parks will host a couple of sports camps and clinics this spring and summer that will offer kids the chance to play and learn.
The camps will be conducted by Skyhawks Sports and geared for children of all ages and ability levels.
It was only a matter of time
Lately, there has been some serious violence in the world of sports. First a high school football player hit another player with his helmet. Then, some high school hockey players mauled a referee who'd hit one of their teammates.
So apparently it was only a matter of time until it came to this: …
If Soccer was like this…
I'm not a big fan of sports... not that type of bald fat guy, but I do love to laugh, and when the two meet, I might as well be painted head to toe with team colors, shirtless with my nipples pointing out how cold it is out side... in other words, I'm a fan!
Following yesterday's 2-1 upset victory over nemesis Ghana (the country who has twice knocked the U.S. out) in the opening round of World Cup soccer play, I was reminded of this YouTube gem that I stumbled across following Landon Donovan's improbable goal against Algeria in 2010. (Click he…
Raising the World Cup
Match play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament begins on Thursday, June 12 in Brazil. Though the soccer spectacle is one of the most-widely viewed sporting competitions in the world, some fans still have questions about this incredible event.
Peru Goalie Makes Incredible Double-Save
Uruguay's Gonzalo Bueno should have scored a clinching goal against Peru last week in a game between the nations' Under-20 teams. Bueno DIDN'T score, because Peruvian goalkeeper Angelo Campos may be the fastest man in South America.

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