Science has done a lot of good, but drones, the internet and sliced bread have finally met their match! STARING AT BOOBS IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!

Christina Hendricks huge boobs

The bottom line is this, staring at boobs makes people happy. And when you're happy, you tend to live longer, so therefore logic -- and now science -- have deemed that, thanks to the internet's endless supply of boobs, you can be immortal! Well, at least live a happier life.

Brittney peeks at Ariannys boobs

According to The Daily Wire studies have shown how men who have coronary heart disease, who were told to be positive (which would include staring at boobs) led to their exercise routine increasing, which also helped their health improve. It also helped with high blood pressure.


So, the next time you get caught staring, just before you get slapped, just think, "No pain, no gain!"

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