Fieldy, the bassist for Korn, is also the guitarist for the band StillWell who is opening the Music As A Weapon 5 tour in Yakima on March 17th. Soon as they got in to Yakima, they decided to call 94.5 KATS and asked if it'd be okay if they stopped by the radio station for a bit. They ended up chillin' for close to an hour and met with a few fans as well.

They talked about this project, what's it's like, where they've been and generally kicked back with Kelly West and Todd E. Lyons Esq.  And on a side note this is there first radio interview as a band ever! So the picked 94.5 KATS in Yakima Washington to be there first radio interview and IT KICKED ASS!

Thanks to Xander Deccio Photography for the awesome pics!

Fieldy talks about how the band StillWell came out and a little history about each individual member of the group

They talk about covering the Led Zepplin tune "Whole Lotta Love" and get a winner for some tickets.

StillWell singer, Q-Unique, has a hip-hop background and busts out a freestyle rap about his transition from rap to metal.

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