Andy Sees Snoqualmie Falls For The First Time
After a week off I was driving back to Yakima from Sea-Tac on Sunday and my wife suggested that I check out Snoqualmie Falls on the way home. I've lived in Yakima for a year now and have driven back and forth over the pass several times but didn't even know the falls were there until about…
The Salmon Cannon
Just when you thought you've seen it all... take a look at this neat thing... The Salmon Cannon, and all of it's amazing uses thanks to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO).
Damn, Nature — You Scary
Youtube: Anglers Adventures - Ketchikan, Alaska
I don't know if the whale was "playing with its food" or trying out for the Dolphins ... but check this video out -- especially around the 1:08 mark!
Magic in the sky
The full moon over the Yakima Valley Saturday night will appear to be much bigger than normal. In fact, it will be what's  called a "supermoon."
Man films tornado destruction
Holy fark.
A string of tornadoes hit the midwest hard this past Sunday.  Mark Wells, a resident of the town of Washington, Illinois, captured the horrific moments before the tornado ripped apart his house with him and his wife inside.  He shrieks are bone-chilling...
‘Super Moon’ Coming June 23rd – Fact or Fiction?
Undoubtedly, you will be seeing posts in your Facebook feed regarding the "Super Moon" which is to arrive Sunday, June 23rd, and are even being asked to "spread the word."
Alas, like much on the internet, memes like this are sometimes completely fabricated or based…
Sexy Girls Let It All Hang Out In Nature
The only thing better than enjoying the majestic beauty of nature is if you turn it up a notch and add some ladies in nothing but their bra and panties. True story. We read it in an issue of ‘Ranger Rick. ‘