The Grand Cinemas Yakima Valley opened back up last October after being shut down in March 2020 because of the pandemic. Back then, (4 months ago) we felt things were getting back to normal. We could go back to see movies on the BIG SCREEN! Well, that love & hope was short lived with the theater having to re-close it's doors on Monday November 16th. I'm happy to say that hope is back as well as hopefully the popcorn, licorice, and of course... THE MOVIES!
Now that our region has entered into Phase 2, it was only a matter of time before they opened back up. Well, I must admit, with The Orion announcing they'd be open, but not hearing much of anything from our lower valley theater, i was getting nervous. Last night as I drove past Sunnyside on I82, I saw a sight for sore eyes... THE LIGHTS WERE ON!

As of the time of this posting, there is no details about when they will officially open back up, or what they will be screening. Something old? Something New? Perhaps a mixture of both. With no official news via the theater's website, only time will tell. With many businesses not being able to re-open their doors, I was scared, and can honestly say, seeing those lights on as I drove past Exit 69, they looked so beautiful!


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