My wife & I were talking about what we miss most since the beginning of the pandemic back in March (yup, 11 months ago). Sure the normal stuff popped up. Seeing friends and family with out worries. Visiting grandparents and actually sitting in the same room with them. Enjoying blowing out candles at birthday parties. Don't get me wrong, We still have been celebrating our birthday's, I just miss blowing on other people's food! The one thing that my wife and I both agreed on was... WE MISS GOING TO THE MOVIES! Well, now that we're finally in phase 2, WE CAN!

Once the announcement of Phase 2, we knew going to the movies was just a matter of time, and the time is now.  The Facebook page for Orion Cinema & Mickey's Pub posted something that brought joy to every movie & theater lover in Yakima!



Come in for a movie, your favorite adult beverage, great pub style food and of...

Posted by Orion Cinema & Mickey's Pub on Friday, February 19, 2021

I know Yakima, has been cleared for Phase 2 for a little over a week now, so hopefully things will get back to being fully open sooner rather than later. But with this announcement, from the Orion/Mickey camp, it's giving me something to look forward to! Even though there might not be big stuff on the screen at this moment (Wonder Woman 1984 is the biggest/newest film) March & April will be bringing some big things to the big screen!

Currently, they are rockin' Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), The Bodyguard (1992), & Nomadland (2021), and according to their website, the next $5 Classic Movie Night will be Major League 2 (1994) on April 14th. To keep with Phase 2 guidelines, "cinema tickets sold to 25% capacity, 6 foot spacing & masks are enforced."


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