Fingers crossed that this is another sign that things are getting back to normal. Last week, we showed how The Orion Movie Theater, (the twenty one and over theater in Yakima) was teasing "Something Big". That turned out to be the fact that they were able to finally re-open, bringing classics back to the big screen like Beetlejuice & Hocus Pocus as well as X-Men's New Mutants (originally released in August). Looks like the theater in Sunnyside will be following in their footsteps!

As I was driving by on I82 last night, I noticed the lights were on at the massive theater in Sunnyside that you can see from the freeway. The Grand Cinemas will be re-opening for the first time since they and many other forms of entertainment were forced to shut their doors due to the pandemic. When the theater re-opens this Friday you can expect some blasts from the pasts, especially fitting for the Halloween weekend. According to their website,, starting Friday, you can enjoy on the big screen new films The Empty Man, The War with Grandpa, Honest Thief, & Come Play. Classics coming back to the big screen to give you a scare, 1993's Hocus Pocus & 1978's Halloween!


When The Grand Cinemas re-opens, they will be following the Cinema Safe Guidelines. Those include social distancing, a reduced capacity in available theater seats, and requiring masks to be worn by all employees and patrons. You might complain about having to wear a mask to a movie, but think of it less as a mask, and more of a popcorn trough.

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