Scented Underwear? Yummy!
Some people are really hard to buy for during the holiday season. I am sure it is mostly woman because, woman are picky as heck. You can now by Bacon scented underwear for those 'hard to shop for' people. Would you buy them?
Do You Dare Try the Bacon Chocolate Cupcake in Yakima?
As is one of my new traditions since they opened a few weeks ago, after my music lesson at Taylor Music, I walk across the street to Sweetie Pie Baby Cakes and grab a quick treat. Today I saw these chocolate cupcakes with bacon, not only on, but in them as well. Do I dare?
Beer Battered Bacon – It’s Not as Good as it Sounds
Over the weekend I was in a beer battering mood. I had it in mind to make beer battered California rolls, which turned out pretty decent, but since I still had some batter left, I decided to beer batter a few more items including bacon. I only wish it would've turned out better.
Bacon Infused Beer At Seattle Beer Week [PHOTO]
Our friend, Chad Roberts, was in Seattle for Seattle Beer Week at The Pine Box. Since he couldn't bring any back (or didn't want to share) he was kind enough to send us this picture of an Emelisse Rauchbier through a bacon filled randall.
Emelisse Rauchbier is a smokey ale so adding bacon j…

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