Are you a daddy's girl? Do your old man's veins pop every time he thinks somebody's looking at you with impure thoughts?

Well, here's your chance to thank him for passing along all those great genes -- and for keeping such a close eye on you.

Gun 3

Just post up your cutest picture (see the form below) to enter yourself in our Father's Day prettiest daughter contest. If our 94.5 KATS "salivation army" (any of our listeners who aren't aren't currently in prison or required to wear any sort of monitoring device) picks you, your dad will get $1,000 worth of reinforcements from The Range to protect your honor.

Here's how it works, upload your photo by noon on June 9. Our audience will start voting the next day, and we'll announce the winner on June 17. Simple as an old-school six-shooter, right?

If you win, the old man gets the $1,000-value prize -- a $475 one-year Unlimited membership to The Range and $525 toward the purchase of a gun and/or ammo. (That's not counting tax and licensing fees, and it's provided, of course, that he can pass the federally required background check.)

So load it up! (No, no, hon -- we mean the picture.)

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