It's National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day!
This is my lil man Gary Bishop Johnson! He is half terrier half chihuahua with all the BEST parts of both breeds. He is so handsome and sweet and I can't believe when my husband and I laid eyes on him at the Yakima Humane Society he had been there for TWO MONTHS...
Yakima's Franklin Pool closed out the 2016 swimming season Sunday (Aug. 28) by letting it go to the dogs. Literally.
Yakima Celebrates National Dog Day
It's National Dog Day and if your pooch is like mine there is nothing more they love than going to the dog park and smelling each others "business cards". So celebrate with them here is the Yakima Valley. Here are the 2 dog parks I could track down in the area...
Dog days of summer
For the 10th straight year, dog owners can take a dip with their pooch as part of "Paws in the Pool." Franklin Pool will close out the summer swim season on Aug. 28 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. with the annual event.
Admission is free for dogs, but  their masters will have to purchase…
Mo money
You know that sloppy panting sound dogs make when they've been playing really hard? Well that's kind of what it sounds like around here now that Bark Week has finally laid down.
The votes have been cast (more than 2,000 of them -- in an election year, that's worth noting...
It's Bark Week in Yakima!
You've heard of the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week," right? Sure.
Well, here's Yakima's equivalent: Bark Week!
That's right, your dog can finally get off the couch and start earning his own keep by winning you some big-dog cash, courtesy of another…
Pit Bull Ban - 30 Years is Not Enough, Yakima?
I was very surprised that Yakima decided to continue its moratorium on pit bulls. They would not even talk about bringing it up for a vote.
Stray dogs are a big enough problem right now, so even addressing the three-decade ban was not considered, and it was made pretty clear that it won't be…

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