The biggest, fuzziest, most adorable banquet and fundraiser is back, and all the tails are wagging!

It's the Yakima Humane Society's annual Fur Ball Gala, and you are invited!

Before you get your pet ready for the Independence Day Holiday (tips on that below), get ready to dine, dance, and help out a great cause!

A handful of tickets are left for the Yakima Humane Society's biggest night of the year!

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When & Where is The YHS Fur Ball Gala?

The Fur Ball 2024 will be held at the Yakima Valley SunDome on Saturday, July 29th. It will kick off at 5 p.m. and continue until 9 p.m.

"At every Fur Ball, the community's most passionate animal lovers and advocates come together to taste amazing food, sip incredible local wines, bid on show-stopping auction items, and dance the night away!" – Yakima Humane Society.

All proceeds from the Fur Ball Gala stay right here in the valley!

Helping provide food, shelter, and medical treatment for our furry friends in YHS's care.

It also helps fund community engagement programs aimed at providing resources, education, and support for responsible pet ownership in Yakima County.

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Yakima Humane Society / Canva

If you're interested in attending the Yakima Humane Society's Fur Ball 2024, you can purchase a ticket here.

If you'd like to donate or help in another way, visit!

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Now, the tips to keep your pet safe on the 4th of July:

  • Get play and exercise time done early. Tire your pet out so they're more calm in the evening.
  • Keep any dangerous items away from your pet, including food and celebratory items (glow sticks, fireworks, BBQ supplies, food with pits, etc.). More on Pet BBQ Safety below.
  • Keep your pet comfortable and inside where it's safe. Close access to the outside and keep them on a leash when you do take them out to do their business.
  • Turn on the radio or TV (loud) to help cover the sounds of fireworks.
  • Make sure your pet is licensed and has your most current information.

Following these tips will help keep your pet safe less stressed this holiday!

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