Cheering is not cheap, the Zillah High School squad knows this and has come up with a brilliant solution! They are currently raising funds for all sorts of expenses involving cheer for the year by offering the chance for community members to egg each other's yards.

The nicest part? You don't have to do the egging, you just do the donating and the Zillah High School Cheer Squad will do the rest!

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What is Egg My Yard?

Community members can text 509-314-9393 to purchase the following

  • 30 eggs $20
  • 50 eggs $40
  • 70 eggs $60

The evening before Easter, Sunday, April 17th, 2022 your set of eggs will be stuffed with candy and strewn across your "victims" yard including a note from the Easter Bunny! How awesome :) If you know of families with little ones can you imagine the look on their faces in the morning? It saves time as well if you always have intentions of putting together eggs but normally don't get to it.

Is it Only for Zillah?

No! The Zillah Cheerleading Squad has opened it up for the communities of Zillah, Granger, Grandview, all around the Lower Valley, and Yakima! If you happen to be in Selah or West Valley I wouldn't put it past them to add you to the list but a quick text will help you find out!

When Do I Have to Get My Order in By?

Please have all your orders in by Thursday, April 14th, 2022 in order to give the ladies plenty of time to figure out their route and create all your candy stuffed egg bundles!

Zillah Cheer Easter Egging

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