Ag News: Chickens Attack Fox
Nothing “chicken” about these French fowl.That’s the feeling after a hungry fox snuck into a chicken coop in France and got a lot more than it bargained for.
'The Simpsons' Live Segment: First 'Simprovised' Photo
The Simpsons has had plenty of chances to experiment in its 27+ years, but will venture surprisingly modern (as in to the second) with an upcoming “live” segment animated by motion-capture. A first look at the new clip has arrived, but will The Simpsons ever stage an entirely live epis…
'The Simpsons' Will Air a 'Live' Homer Segment in May
Twenty-seven seasons in, The Simpsons still needs to stay topical, an especially difficult feat given the animation process’ long lead time. Well, consider The Simpsons more relevant than ever, up to the moment even, as May will see the long-running FOX staple experimenting with a live segmen…

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