Getting yelled at by Chef Gordon Ramsey should be on everyone's bucket list and it looks like a local Yakima man is going to get a chance as a contestant on this season's "Master Chef".

Shawn Niles of Yakima is getting set to make his national TV debut on "Masterchef" tonight, going head to head with several other home cooks from around the country starting tonight on FOX 11.

There will also be a viewing party at Hoptown Pizza tonight starting at 7 PM in Wapato according to a posted event on Facebook --------------> Event

Gordon Ramsay Celebrates The Opening Of His New LA Restaurant
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Shawn is a Pastor from Yakima and will be competing as one of the top 40 on Season 8 of MasterChef and being challenged by Gordon Ramsey.


If you know Shawn and enjoy the show, root him on tonight and lets see him do Yakima proud!




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