Yakima Preparing For Possible Coronavirus Outbreak
Experts say if you are concerned about an upcoming trip, don’t buy into all the hype and misinformation circulating on social media. Instead, they say, stay informed through reliable sources and when in doubt, contact your travel agent, cruise line or airline for the very latest.
Heat troubles at the hospital
With temperatures barely in double digits, the heat is on the fritz at Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center.
Inpatient care is continuing as workers try to repair the boiler, which failed early Friday morning, according to a statement from Regional. Elective surgeries, however, are be…
Deer checks into ER
A deer in Rochester, N.Y., was hit by a car near a hospital. Moments later, the injured animal wandered into the ER doors.
Real Life Doogie Howser… Kinda
You might not remember Doogie Howser, a TV show about a kid who was so smart he became a doctor at a very very young age. Well Doogie grew up and became the very awesome Neil Patrick Harris, and copy cat Doogie Howser's still pop up!