With the future of Hostess looking darker than their chocolate Ding Dongs, it's nice to see a little good come out of all troubles that Twinkie the Kid is facing. With the local Hostess store on the corner of 3rd & Washington here in Yakima, shutting it's doors on Monday night, store manager Shawn Johnson was told by higher ups, "sale what you can & donate the rest." So the first person he called, his good pal from the Basement, Timmy! (Not that I'm a charity case or anything).

Northwest Harvest is the charity of choice for me, having helped the organization in the past numerous times raising money & food donations with KATS & Manic Thunder (the comedy troupe that I'm a part of) & this time would be no different. With the help of my fellow "Manics", my van was loaded up with as much stuff as we could cram in!

From Sno-Balls, Zingers, & Powder Donuts, to Soup, Chili, Pickles, PBJ, & Variety of Food Mix's, it was far more than just the typical snack food, that got loaded up. (NOTE: No Twinkies were available... I asked). When it was all said and done, Northwest Harvest received just shy of 3 Full Bins of food from the closure, assuring that some families in need will have a sweater holiday.

Lisa @ NW Harvest - Timmy