After being on 94.5 KATS for over 16 years, (13 of them at night rockin' the Basement) I've decided to retire from radio ... AGAIN! About a year ago I attempted to hang up my headphones and just be a weekend rocker, but as history and credit card bills changed my path, I took over the midday shift and proudly hosted "The Work Release Program." Since I took over the shift I've had many great things happen to me, including getting out of personal debt, interviewing "Weird Al" Yankovic, helping co-host "The Big Show" morning drive, and attempting a tan (sunburn). But most importantly I got to meet new rock fans, some whom realized the night life was too late for them. I understand that and am grateful to everyone.

Anyone who knows me, knows how my plate is so full that Old Country Buffet would kick me out! I wear many hats between my medical laboratory jobs and comedy with Manic Thunder and The Laugh Lounge. I need to clear up some time in my life, and that is where radio comes into play.

The original plan when I went into semi-retirement from radio was to move from nights to weekends. I've been lucky enough with the help of many friends and my wife to be at a point in my life where I can escape even more. So when will you hear Timmy? Time to time helping out on "The Big Show" with Todd E. Lyons Esq. He's been my best friend and mentor in the radio biz for the entire 16-plus years I've been here. Why don’t I just call it quits altogether? Well, it’s a radio term called “it’s in my blood,” so it takes some weaning, plus me being at home that much I'm sure would drive my wife crazy.


What does that mean for the listening audience? I don't think I let you down when it came to Loudwire Nights, and I don't think I'll let you down with the new fellow who will take care of your midday rocking needs. I won't tell you much, but let's just say I approve of his haircut!

Anyone who is upset by this, my apologies, but rest assured, it's about the rock that KATS has been bringing for longer than I've been around, and will continue to do so! I’m happy, plenty busy and will get some well deserved rest! Thank you to my wife for supporting me in this decision, my bosses (past and present), co-workers (past and present), and most importantly the listening audience! Thank you!

If you are curious what I will be doing with my future, so far I'm taking it day by day, week by week. Having fun with Manic Thunder Improv and the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club, as well as enjoying the new Mortal Kombat X game. (Yes I'm quitting a job to play a video game ... jealous?)

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