Just today, Friday the 13th of all days, The Yakima Bears have announced they are planning the 2012 season in Vancouver, Washington

There is a slight ray of hope for Yakima. K.L. Wombacher, the Bears general manager, says the deals hasn't gone through just yet. Clark County commissioners presented a proposal for a new stadium to be built in Vancouver. This would be the new home of the Bears. As Vancouver doesn't have a stadium yet, there could be a snag in this place, but the Clark County commissioners are pretty sure everything will be approved so they can start building the new stadium in Vancouver this summer. For three years they've been warned that unless Yakima got a new stadium, they could choose to relocate as they would continue to lose money.

If you're crossing your fingers that this deal falls through, the Yakima Bears stay home for 2 more seasons.

Do you think they should stay in Yakima or do you honestly believe they'd be better off in Vancouver? Tell us below.