Helping you get into the Halloween spirit comes The Insane Clown Posse, yes the band for whom being scary and dressing like clowns isn't just for one day of the year! The song Every Halloween is just one of the band's many songs based on the holiday, but is one of my favorites.

Originally expected to appear on Hallowicked back in 2001, it got its most notice on the Forgotten Freshness (rarities & B-sides compilations) Vol. 3 back in December 2001. The song pokes fun about trick-or-treating and being a fat guy dressed up like KISS.

Will it be played in front of your kids at your haunted house? Probably not. Stick to the "Monster Mash" for family friendly spookiness. But if you want hard rock/rap with all the NSFW scary & funny imagery you secretly love... take a listen to this. No magnets or magic required.

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