For 17 months a Tennessee father's master technology skills have stumped authorities trying to catch him and his daughter, now allegedly being held against her will in Auburn, WA. Maybe.

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In October 2019 at the end of a weekend visit, John Oliver Westbrook is accused of kidnapping his daughter, 17-year old Daphne Westbrook, and her two dogs, Fern and Strawberry, in Tennessee and has subsequently and meticulously been keeping his and her identities and location a secret as they slowly make their way across the U.S.A., eventually, investigators say, to his sister's home in Auburn, north of Tacoma, where Daphne is still being held captive. Maybe.


Westbrook has been indicted and charged with aggravated kidnapping. Daphne is unable to communicate with the outside world. The long investigation has shown she is endangered both physically and mentally. Last month in New Mexico, Daphne’s Bible was found in a trash can outside of a Trader Joe’s. Other investigative leads show her dad has frequently shopped in Santa Fe stores.

Hamilton County Tennessee District Attorney's Office Facebook

In November, 2020, Daphne was seen in the Denver area, and just last month, John Westbrook is believed to have spent several weeks in the Pueblo, Colorado area.

Westbrook is an IT expert specializing in security, block chain technology, and bitcoin. He is communicating in a way that’s almost impossible to trace, which makes it extremely difficult for investigators to generate significant leads in this case.


Authorities know he is earning money contracting with small businesses to do their computer security work. It is believed Westbrook does occasionally take Daphne to ride horses so the appeal that went out to the New Mexico horsing community to be alert, will also be passed along to the Puget Sound horsing community. It is also believed Westbrook may have made attempts to alter his appearance and Daphne’s, including using hair dye and false teeth.

Hamilton County Tennessee District Attorney's Office Facebook

Westbrook’s sister lives in Auburn and is in frequent contact with him, according to a news release that also stated Westbrook is believed to have spent the last three weeks in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. Officials say Westbrook's sister has not been cooperative with the investigation and she has “repeatedly avoided interview requests from the U.S. Marshals Service.”

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