A new survey shows that Washingtonians are happy to be back in office!

I thought I was one of the weird ones who liked doing my work FROM work, but now, thanks to a recent survey commissioned by Wealth of Geeks, I know I’m not alone.

There are too many distractions when I’m at home, trying to do my work: the television, video games, books, and sites that are usually blocked on my work computer!

But the biggest distraction is my family—specifically, my dog! He wants attention, and I feel bad. We have so many things to occupy our time and minds for entertainment, but they have us!

So I feel that when I’m home if he wants attention, I should drop everything and give it to him (obviously, employers feel differently).


That’s just my life and perspective, but others share the same mindset that they are fine being back in the workplace.

Working from home became the norm during the pandemic, and when things started to clear up and employees were asked to come back, there was some pushback, but it looks as though that resistance has lightened.


3,000 workers who have returned to their workplace office (full-time) were surveyed and rated their happiness level about their workplace from 1 to 10 (10 being the happiest).

The average Washington employee rated 7 out of 10!

What were the key happiness reasons?

Face-to-face conversations! Fewer emails and screen meetings. Many people get their social interactions through work, so it is nice to get back into that routine.

Another reason, as I mentioned above, was being away from the family. Whether for distraction-free work time or personal space!


There’s also the “purpose” of going to work. It can really help your mental health to get up in the morning and have something to do. Getting dressed and ready for work, as much as we all dread it, so much time in pajama pants can start to wear you down in ways you may not have realized.

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