As these days get colder it's nice to find something warm to put in your belly. Many opt for coffee or, during the holiday season might go for warm cider. Me? I'm all about hot chocolate as my go-to warm drink of choice. I was at a local cafe in Yakima when I saw someone drinking this monstrosity. It was a pure 'I'll have what they're having' moment.

If you want to try this for yourself you'll find this at Caffe 11th Avenue. You'll find them on the corner of 11th and Yakima avenue.

Not only is this large enough for you to enjoy as long as needed but this one in the photo is their boozy hot chocolate which has a shot of rum in it. On a cold day in late autumn, it was exactly what I needed. If you're over 21 I highly recommend it.

I bought this along with breakfast and a cinnamon roll (my favorite) and even dunked the cinnamon roll into this hot chocolate. Don't knock it until you try it, it worked! The boozy hot chocolate absorbed into the cinnamon roll perfectly.

I love finding treats like this around the Yakima Valley and this is one you definitely need to experience for yourself.

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