While driving the other day on Washington & 1st Street, my wife & I decided to swing by and get a drink. So we turn into the parking lot shared by Home Depot, Burger King, and GTO Car Wash, and BOOM! CLOSED! What the Wha? What happened to Cruisin’ Coffee? It’s closed! Signs are pulled off the cute roundish building, with cones in the drive-through. Luckily, their reader board sign says to see them on Nob Hill, so that’s what I did.

So, for fans of coffee who really can’t stray too far from 1st & Washington, there are a few options not too far from that area. Dutch Bros., Manhattan Station, Starbucks, Main Street Coffee, and Indaba Coffee Roasters. But for fans of Cruisin’, you’ll have to take a trek to 32nd & Nob Hill Blvd.

Reader signs for stores in Yakima, Washington

This morning, I got my peppermint hot chocolate, and while I was giving them a tip, I asked for a news tip.

“What’s happening with the 1st & Washington location?”

I hoped that it was closed for renovation. I worried that it was temporarily closed due to staff shortage. I feared that it was closed for good due to negative reasons.


The answer is understandably good and bad. I was told how the owner, Jim Seamons, closed it down because he’s choosing to slow down. He was leasing the location at 111 E Washington Ave (& South 1st), whereas he owns the location at 3202 W Nob Hill Blvd. So that is the reason he's keeping the Nob Hill location open instead of the other one. Mr. Seamons was my principal in Naches when I attended middle school in the mid 90's. Cruisin' Coffee was his post education career, and he (in my opinion) has done a great job with both, and deserves to take some time for himself and his family.

paper coffee cup with a plush turtle

It’s sad news that the location has closed, but at least it was for a good reason; the owner is slowing down to enjoy life! I can’t blame him there!

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