There are some who eat food to survive, some who enjoy their food and then there are the foodies. The people who try new foods or appreciate some food almost as if it were a hobby. I sometimes fall into that category, myself. I was looking at a list of best cities to be a foodie and the northwest is featured not once but twice.

Source: WalletHub

Number one belonging to Portland, Oregon. I'm not surprised at all. Seattle is number 8 on the list. Not bad!

Others making the list are cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas -- the usual hotspots for new food.
The bottom of the list has cities like Jackson, Mississippi, Juneau, Alaska and lastly Pearl City, Hawaii. Probably not as many food options in those areas. I don't blame them. Pearl City and Juneau also tie in last place in this list for highest cost of groceries so that doesn't help.

On the other hand, Seattle made last place in this list for having high beer prices. That's no good.

Seattle and Portland also tie in first place for most breweries and wineries and coffee shops per capita.

Pretty interesting to see. Check out the full list via Wallet Hub.

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