Toppenish, Wa is known as "Where the West Still Lives". As royalty from towns and Pow Wows were getting ready. Different organizations were prepping their floats. For the Toppenish Wild West Parade. Sponsored by the Toppenish Chamber of Commerce.

It felt good to finally get out of the studio and be in a parade. Actually, it felt good to get out of the studio for any type of event. This parade was a good start.

It was the 4th of July Weekend. The weather was nice. The sun was shining. It was a little warm, but it was summer weather. When I arrived, people participating in the parade were getting ready. I parked the 1073 SUV. And walked around to see who was in attendance. It was good to see smiling faces.

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Seeing Royalty practicing their parade waves. And a cheer squad practicing their routine. Even Rodeo Princesses were in attendance. The Mexican Dancing horses were showing off their skills. I don't know how they train those horses to dance. But it was good to see them trotting along.

This was one of the first major parades in the valley to return as a parade. And not a drive-thru parade. So I was excited to everyone getting their floats ready. And getting those photo ops with royalties from different towns. Like Prosser, Sunnyside, and Toppenish.

The best part was the parade itself. Just seeing all the smiling faces. And seeing everyone enjoying the floats that were driving, dancing, or walking by.

People were lined up in their front porches and lawns. Setting up and sitting around businesses. And lining the streets of Toppenish.

So a big shout out to the parade organizers. And to everyone who attended the Toppenish Wild West Parade.

The Toppenish Wild West Parade Participants



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