I happened to find myself at Goodwill yesterday to do a little browsing. I had my kids with me and they love to look for random treasures. My son found a hot wheels track, my other kid found a Keurig machine (which they've been wanting for a while) but I happen to find this random hat in a bin. At first glance doesn't seem to spectacular but it has something that makes it very unique and a fabulous find for me.

Standard trucker-style hat that has some Japanese kanji and REDMOND printed on it. You might think it came from maybe a Japanese restaurant in Redmond or figure the Japanese characters spell out Redmond or something. Both would be wrong.

The Japanese characters might be less interesting compared to what it says. It translates to something like entrusted heavenly temple but it's pronounced nin-ten-do.

as in, well, Nintendo.

This hat is from the Nintendo headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

What's more is inside the Nintendo headquarters there's a little Nintendo shop that not only sells games but also Nintendo-branded clothing, toys and other items like coffee mugs all themed with Nintendo and many that have this exact logo proving it came from that store.

What makes this Nintendo store unique in Redmond is that nobody off the street can just shop there. The only way to get into the store is by being an employee of Nintendo or if you happen to be there via appointment or meeting or something.

Not sure how this hat slipped out of that store, especially all the way to Yakima's Goodwill, but for $4.99 I'll take it!

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