Hogback Development Company has announced that three new businesses are going in at Rainier Square on Nob Hill. They confirmed one would be another hotel, but what about the other two?

First thing's first, we know for sure it's not going to be a Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's confirmed that personally.

The fact they're putting another hotel there I'm actually okay with. Some may argue that there's already a hotel there but most places that have hotels usually have a few in the area so this gives you options and, who knows, maybe they'll compete for better prices. Either way, if it means more hotels, it must mean more are coming into Yakima which means tourist dollars coming in. That's great news for everyone who lives in Yakima.

For the other two businesses? Well, they didn't even give a slight clue or a wink of a hint, but we can take what's already there and find out what else we need. We have fast food, casual dining, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, pizza, sandwiches, cell phone stuff and more. A lot more! So what else do we need?

How about a breakfast place? We have other restaurants but no place like a diner that serves breakfast. I'd love to see IHOP come back to Yakima, but I'd even settle for a Denny's, Shari's or Perkins. Anything, really. With the existing hotel and the new hotel coming in, they'll need a place to eat in lieu of opting for the continental breakfast some hotels provide.

And that leaves the final building. Which, again, it could be anything. Could be another cell provider, it could be an insurance agency, it could be anything. I'm kind of hoping for a humble pub. Doesn't have to be anything too fancy. Not quite a dive-bar but something with a few beers on tap, some appetizers. Sure, we have Red Robin, but that's a different kind of place. Naturally I'd love to see an arcade bar where I can play video games and drink, but just a quick stop on my way home from work or a place to meet up with friends in that area of town would be lovely.

What do you think it could be? Keep following Hogback on Facebook and they'll keep us posted. We'll keep an ear out, too.

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