Whenever a new business in Yakima opens up, many lament about wanting a Trader Joe's. Although Trader Joe's plan is clearly listed in their statement on how and why they choose the neighborhoods they put their stores. Yakima doesn't fall into those categories but it never hurt to want.

I did reach out a couple of years ago when they said it wasn't in their 2-year plan. Well, that was two years ago! How about now? How about in the near future? I emailed them again and here's what they said.

Thank you of reaching out. Currently, there are no plans to bring a Trader
Joe¹s to Yakima, however feel free to follow up any time.

Kenya Friend-Daniel
PR Director

So, once again, there you have it. Trader Joe's isn't coming to Yakima any time soon. Ask all you want, but they're not hearing it. If you need your Trader Joe's fix the closest one might be the location in Issaquah. I often hit that one up on the way home from Seattle.

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