YWCA Drive 2020
Sarah Johnson

Anybody else tried to donate unused items lately only to drive to the normal spots around the valley to discover all the bins have been moved? COVID-19 has definitely changed how we donate but it doesn't mean that there is no more donating we just have to get more creative so I was super pumped to see that Thursday, June 18th, 2020 The Wine Country Crushers will be hosting a clothing and supplies drive for the YWCA.

The location will be 13 Ranch Rite Road in Yakima from 1 p - 5 p and they are hoping you would drop off the following items

  • clothing
  • household items
  • hygiene items
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • cleaning supplies

Currently, there aren't really many places that are taking donations but the need is always there so please help me spread the word and let's crush donations by rolling on over to Ranch Rite Road tomorrow.

Recently I have tried a few tricks to help me sort what I use and don't use. All my hangers I flip to face the same way and once I wear them I can see what I use all the time. The rest has got to go.

Most of the people staying at the YWCA have nothing with them, a tough start to a new life but a majorly brave one so don't for one second think your donations are not going to get used. Oh, they will be loved and honestly, each item is getting a second chance just like the people using it. It's a pretty beautiful thing to give back. especially locally

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