I got the first injection of the COVID-19 vaccine on January 19th (the one year anniversary of the first confirmed case of the 'rona in Washington state). I wrote about my experience with getting the shot, and the aftermath of it in my first "Timmy Tales: My 'Rona Vaccine". Well, since I wrote that, more has developed, and I thought I'd add to the tale with "DAY 2!"

So to recap everything, I got the shot at 10am. By the time 6pm rolled around my arm was a little sore. Tiny bit of a bump, but nothing bad. The next morning when I woke up, arm was still sore and I had developed a migraine headache. On that fun "pain scale" of 1 to 10 (10 being the worse), I'd say it was about a 4. I get migraines regularly, so I have had worse. Well as yesterday went on, it got worse. I tried orange juice, Tylenol, and a nap to help, and nothing did. At its worse, I would have rated the pain at about an 8. When my boss at my medical job checked in with me, I told her, and I was offered the night off. I took it. So in a way, this is the first sick day that I have taken in over a year from that job. Thanks 'Rona!


My arm bump, got more inflamed. Even to the point where I put an ice pack on it. That helped. This morning (2 days after the shot), I woke up, arm is still sore, but I'm happy to say the migraine is gone. The superpowers that I had a 5% chance of developing (as mentioned in the previous Timmy Tale) have changed. Yesterday I thought I had control over stop lights. As it turns out, it seems to be more of an X-Men power. I was staring at a tree, and the limb started to move. So I'm now testing my abilities to control plants, or perhaps the ability to manipulate the weather. Judging by how hard I was focusing last night, and the fact that we woke up to snow... I'm thinking it's more the latter.



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