My other job is at a medical lab where I'm a medical courier (delivery boy) & phlebotomist. I have been on the "front line" dealing with COVID, since the very first case was identified in Seattle exactly one year ago yesterday (January 19th). With many of my co-workers in radio catching the 'rona and needing to be off from work, or in Todd's case, broadcast from home, there were times that I felt like I was "Patient ZERO". There was a small part of me that believed that maybe, just maybe I'm immune but still infecting everyone else. I don't think that was the case, but just to be safe, I got my vaccine!

I'm not an anti-vaxxer, even though I love a good conspiracy theory, and do believe in some of them. As far as people saying "your not worth microchipping", I agree, but also wonder if that was truly the case, would we have ever heard of the "Diary of Anne Frank"? Who knows, I just think we should all be able and willing to make our own decisions when it comes to this type of thing. That being said, my friend Gloria told me how she felt, "we're all going to get it (COVID-19), at least with the vaccine, it's my choice." She made sense to me, so I let my worries and paranoia's go. Made an appointment 2 weeks ago at Tieton Village Drug and went in on Jan 19th, 2021 & got the poke!


When I got there, the friendly staff, checked me in. Asked the basic questions (name/birth/allergies/etc.) and gave me some paperwork to look over in case I had any questions. When it was my time, I called into a side room, I was once again, asked my "patient identifiers" and which arm I wanted the shot in. Besides a tiny bit of stinging, from the the alcohol wipe not drying enough, it was painless (at that time). I was then asked to hang out for about 15 minutes, just in case any bad reactions to the Moderna vaccine. I replied loudly in my best Ralph Wiggum voice... "I'm a Liability!". My friend who works in a different part of the pharmacy told me about the side effect he had after he got his, and yep I got them.

I got the shot at about 10am. Later that evening, about 6pm, my shoulder started to get sore around where I got the shot. Not too surprising. This morning when I woke up (Jan. 20th) my shoulder is even more sore and I am suffering from a migraine. Now anyone who knows me, knows I get migraines often. This one, I'd say ranked at about a 4. Annoying for me, but not debilitating. My shoulder has full movement, but sore to the touch, and I noticed I'm favoring my other arm. When my friend was telling me about the side effects, he did warn me that there was 5% chance of me getting super powers... I'm sure he was joking, BUT I have noticed that stop lights are changing from red to green faster, the more intently I stare at them! Only time will tell if this is truly a new ability, and if I use it for good or evil.

For more info on WHERE and WHEN you can get your vaccine (if that is your choice) check out Yakima Health District website.


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