YouTube! You've heard of it, you've watched it, but how well do you understand it? What goes into creating a YouTube channel & keep it going? I got to chit-chat with main man of one of my favorite YouTube channels, Brian Carey of  "Happy Thumbs Gaming". His channel focuses on video games, and primarily a series of games that I love... LEGO! Yes I'm a grown man who loves games meant for young kids. Life is hard enough, let me just play and ENJOY a game!

In the interview (above) we chat about the creation of Happy Thumbs Gaming, all the work and behind the scenes that goes with the YouTube industry. We also talked up our love for video games, LEGO and how to balance family, day job, and gaming. Plus for the first time in a long time, you can see the clip from Happy Thumbs Gaming's play through of Grand Theft Auto 5 that got them in some hot water (around the 7 minute mark). For more info on Brian & the crew over at HTG, check out their website

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