For me, 2019 couldn't have ended soon enough.
That said, 2020 isn't starting off so hot either.

I've begun the new decade the same way I ended the last by being sickly. I came down with a head and chest cold the day after Christmas and, three days in to the new year, I still haven't shaken it.

To add insult to injury, my smart phone fell out of my coat pocket when I got out of my car upon arrival to the radio station this morning. Being 5:00 a.m., it was, obviously, still dark outside. It wasn't until I got inside the KATS studio when I realized that the screen on said mobile device had shattered. Sure, accidents happen but the real kick in the head was that I JUST BOUGHT THIS PHONE less than two weeks ago! As I'm sure you can rightfully guess, I neglected to purchase insurance for it.

Let's hope that the Seahawks win their playoff game this Sunday in Philly or I might start to believe that there are greater forces at work trying to keep me down.

How's your new year goin' so far?

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