You just KNEW that the awful year of 2020 wasn't going to leave with a whimper.

Just ask West Valley resident Cindy Blonde who caught the images (see: video posted below) of a cougar prowling around her home near 88th Avenue on her home security camera!

Living in Eastern Washington, there are tons of Coug faithful -- but not this kind!

If you ever encounter a wild cougar, whether in the great outdoors or in your own driveway, experts at recommend to do the following seven things to avoid being potentially attacked:

1.) "Don't freak out" - Cougars rarely attack humans.
2.) "Stay smart" - If in the woods, be on the lookout for their tracks.
3.) "Prep your pets" - if you have critters, leave them inside!
4.) "Don't be fooled by a baby cougar" - the mama is usually nearby and will protect the cub at all costs!
5.) "Be noisy" - just like with bears, the sound will actually startle them away
6.) "Be big" - try to make yourself look even larger than you are. If the cat is cornered, slowly back up and allow them to escape.
7.) "Intimidation tactics" - If the cat is acting aggressively towards you, be loud, show your teeth and keep looking bigger until they scoot off.

If you live in that area, be on the lookout and keep your pets indoors!

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