In a moment of frustration, I did something I try to refrain from on social media. I posted a rant on my personal Facebook page last night regarding those who indiscriminately toss cigarette butts.
It went something like this:

My wife, son and I moved into a brand new house in a development that is barely a year old. All of the homes in our neighborhood are all virtually brand-spanking new. Our home is on a corner lot and our back yard runs right along a pretty major arterial. There is a beautiful brick wall that separates all of the homes from the street for some privacy and to reduce road noise from car passing by. On the other side of the wall, at the base, are some nice shale stones that keep the weeds and dust down -- the only drawback? It tends to be a catch-all for debris (i.e., tumbleweeds, garbage, litter.)

In an effort to maintain the "curb appeal" of our neighborhood and to display "pride of ownership", my son and I go out every so often (especially after a windstorm!) with a Hefty bag in tow and go police the entire block, picking up said debris.

The other day, I found a cigarette butt in the rockery. And then another, and another. I realized that they were coming from one house in particular and it was quite obvious that the perpetrator of the litter was literally having a smokey treat and then flicking the butts just over the fence!


I have a spare tin coffee can I'd be glad to donate as a more proper and courteous receptacle that I'd be more than happy to part with.

Again, I absolutely do not mind picking up and beautifying our collective shared public area but... c'mon man!

Some people on my Facebook post suggested that I throw them back over the fence or put them in an envelope and mail them back. I'm not trying to start a Hatfield vs. McCoy scenario in my new hood.

What would you do? Let us know by sending me a message on the KATS mobile app.

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