A couple of days ago, I was scrolling through my social media feeds when I stumbled across a YouTube video of a striking young lady doing a piano cover of AC/DC's classic "Thunderstruck".
It wasn't the first unique cover of the song I had ever heard so I started chasing down a rabbit hole and began to wonder: "Is 'Thunderstruck' by the "Thunder From Down Under" the most covered rock song of all-time?"

Here is video evidence of my theory:
Exhibit A (the video and version that started this whole journey):
A lovely artist that goes by the name Gamazda posted here piano rendition on December 10th and in just a few days, it has already been viewed over 375,000 times.

Exhibit B:
A bluegrass band from Finland band called Steve'n'Seagulls do an AMAZING version (Don't let their "hayseed" looks fool you -- these guys can PLAY!)
114 MILLION views since it was uploaded in 2014!

Exhibit C:
The fantastic duo 2CELLOS.
Their version has been viewed 192,000,000 times in six years!

Exhibit D:
This rendition was performed at PercuFest in 2014 using just percussion instruments!

Exhibit E:
A street performer known as "The BadPiper" that made it on to TV's "Australia's Got Talent" doing a bagpipe version with flaming pipes and all! (Note: there is another bagpipes only cover down by a group called the "Red Hot Chili PIPERS")

Exhibit F:
A Medieval - yes, lute and lyre afficianados - a Medieval version!!!

Exhibit G:
Too high brow? Here a low-rent, white trash version by a guy with an electric guitar and an electric WASHING MACHINE!

Exhibit H:
Now, played on a big-assed harp!

Exhibit I:
Can't afford instruments? Here's an acapella version.

There's much more where those came from should you dare go down the rabbit hole yourself. These selections just "struck" me as the most unique and varied.

Which version do you like the best?

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Without knowing for sure, I'd guess that a Bob Dylan or Beatles tune has probably been recorded by other artists the most. Personally, I'd submit that Buddy Holly's classic, "Not Fade Away" is a staple for anyone that ever learned how to play rock-'n'-roll.

Rock on! \m/ \m\
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

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