Kids are often criticized these days for spending way too much time with video games and electronic devices.

I get it.

My 13 year-old-son, Drew, binge watches YouTube videos on our Roku like there's no tomorrow.
That said, he also plays outside - ALOT! - and, when his friends come over, he'll often break out on of my old school board games.

Yesterday, his buddy Colton and his sister Kyle were at our place after a morning of swimming at the Moxee City Pool. Afterwards, they cracked open my dad's vintage "Ethan Allen's All-Star Baseball" board game. This particular version was produced in the mid-50's to early 60's and is still manufactured to this day.

Not only did the kids learn about some of the all-time greats like Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle, they also learned about some of the lesser players from back when. Ted Lepcio, anyone?

On top of getting a baseball history lesson, they all got along and stayed off of the Playstation for an entire day!

TSM/Todd Lyons
TSM/Todd Lyons


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