Just who, exactly, makes the products that are labeled with the "Kirkland" brand at Costco?
The other day, my family and I went to Costco (despite the recent COVID-19 outbreak) to go get our pictures taken so that we could update our passports. (If you weren't aware, Costco will be closing their photo departments within the next few weeks!)

As we waited for our photos to return, I began to realize just how many items we have in our house that bear the "Kirkland" brand name on them. Kirkland products are sold only at Costco warehouse membership stores. Because they are a direct retail outlet, they aren't in the business of manufacturing the products that they sell.

If that's the case, I wondered, just who DOES manufacture these items?

A quick Google search revealed that a number of brand name companies are, apparently, subcontracted by Costco to make the exact, or nearly exact, items that you typically pay more for just because of the name alone.

In a recent investigative article published on MoneyWise.com, the answer to my question was revealed.

As you will see below, I was able to document no less than 13 items in our home that bear the Kirkland (named after the city in Washington where Costco originated and was originally headquartered before relocating to Issaquah, WA) name.

In the article you will find out the major brands that make Kirkland products, including:
* Dog food
* Coffee
* Baby formula
* Jelly beans
* Batteries
* Vodka
* Canned tuna fish
*Parmesan cheese
* Shampoo
* Diapers
* Aluminum foil
* Beer
* Disposable cups
* Ice cream

Costco's Kirkland brand

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