If you've never been to the furthest reach of Richland as you head out to the Hanford site, you're missing out on an amazing piece of history.

How Did The USS Triton Nuclear Submarine End Up In Richland?

The USS Triton Sail Park is the final resting place for the massive substructure sail of the original submarine bearing its name. A memorial park was dedicated on November 10th, 2011.

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My wife and I took a drive out to the park yesterday and I have to say, it's a thing of wonderment. As you leave Richland and head towards the Hanford site, the rows of trees dropping their fall foliage are breathtaking. It was a picture-perfect Saturday.

How Did The USS Triton Sail Park In Richland Come To Be?

It got me interested in the USS Triton and how it managed to be saved and not junked so I've done a short gallery with 14 facts that you might not know about the park and the USS Triton.

14 Amazing Facts About The USS Triton Sail Park In Richland

If you have never been to the USS Triton Sail Park in Richland, you are missing out. Here are 14 facts about the submarine that inspired the park that rests now in the Port Of Benton.

It's an amazing place to explore even though it's off the beaten path a bit. The USS Triton Sail Park is right along the Columbia River so you also get a pretty amazing view of the river. It's also very peaceful at the park and you can hear and see the seagulls flying around.

The USS Triton Sail Park Is A Free Park To Visit In Richland

There's a lot of history tied up that sail and it's pretty amazing that we've got that piece of history right here in the Tri-Cities. If you get a chance, head on out and check it out. I know my wife and I are going to return to explore the trails near the park for hiking.

The USS Triton Sail Park Makes The List On Trip Advisor Of Must-See Places

If you want to read more about the park and its history, click here. 

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